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Hop Hen Brewing is a proud and passionately independent, family owned business.  Our fantastic team work hard to create outstanding, hand-crafted beer.

In 2016, a trip down the west coast of Australia saw Mike and Jodie enjoying many micro-breweries and craft beers and becoming inspired to recreate this back in their home town of Lilydale, Melbourne.  This resulted in Mike resigning from a 9 year tenure as a Primary School Principal and turning his brewing hobby into a family business. Deciding on the Hop Hen name came easily as Mike, Jodie and their children harvested the hops from the plants that grow over the chicken pen in their family backyard.

As a small brewery, the Hop Hen team value the importance of producing genuine hand crafted beers and being connected to the community. 100% of the production process is conducted entirely in-house – from brainstorming sessions through to the hands-on work of milling, mashing in & brewing fresh ingredients, finishing with the thirst-quenching beer being canned or kegged for customers to enjoy. The onsite taproom allows locals and visitors to enjoy the freshest of beer. The Hop Hen crew love meeting new people and hearing differing thoughts and ideas, so make sure you come and talk to us when you visit. There is usually one of the brewers available to chat about the processes undertaken, upcoming releases and all things brewing.



Role: Owner 

Hobbies: Brewing beer of course!When I am not at the brewery my favourite pastime is fishing. 

I'd have a beer with: My dad. He has unfortunately passed on but would have seriously loved Hop Hen. Crownies were his idea of top shelf!

Entrance song: Come Out & Play - Offspring

Mike Pic.jpg


Role: Owner

Hobbies: Backyard cricket with our kids, Basketball and sitting somewhere cosy enjoying a cup of tea and a good book.

I'd have a beer with: My sister. Living interstate, those beers are too few and far between.

Entrance song: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python



Role: Brewer/designer

Hobbies: Home brewing, watching movies.

I'd have a beer with: Indiana Jones

Entrance song: 


"That guy with the beard"

Role: Bar Staff aka dispenser of dreams

Hobbies: Hanging with my son Charlie, Live music, singing in the shower, patting dogs, hiking, naps, drinking beer, cooking, travel. 

I'd have a beer with: Robin Williams or David Attenborough

Entrance song: The imperial march (darth Vader entrance)

Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 12.12.48 pm.png


Role: Bar Staff - The Bingo Voice and holds a valid chalkboard license

Hobbies: Random adventures, eating chicken loaf sandwiches, listening to country music on repeat, day drinking and happy hours, going to the footy, being creative and spoiling my nephews!

I'd have a beer with: Darius Rucker

Entrance song: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen


Michael Bro

Role: Cook & Bar

Hobbies: Chilling with the family

I'd have a beer with: My Dad

Entrance song: How Bizarre - OMC

Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 1.48.56 pm.png
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